Some things deserve a little extra explanation.


Tribute to the Crimson Lion

I had an assignment coming up so I decided to make this song instead.

Recently at UQ, people have decided that a random student with an epic red mullet is a god. People takes pictures whenever they see him, even outside uni. I have to admit, his mullet is pretty epic. Ranga Mullet Fanpage / Photos. He goes by various names: Ranga Overlord, Crimson Lion, Red Baron, Commander Rouge, and I call him the Red King. Recently someone drew an inspiring piece of art, depicting his glorious red mane saving humanity. So naturally, I have made him a theme song to go with it.


My "stalker" video ;)

I do most things for the lols, and this was no exception.

Anna McGahan is a real person, after I finished this video one of my friends posted it on her Facebook. There's actually a pretty funny story behind it all. I was going to write some of it here, but explaining it all kind of ruins the fun (I'll tell you in person one day, you random stalkery individual). Plus I've really enjoyed all the YouTube comments about me being a danger to society. If 50% of people think you should be given an award, and 50% think you should be jailed... I consider it a job well done.


One of my sound design assignments

I'll just paste the description I put on the song:

"Thinking back, I didn't show this to many people. It's a song I composed and recorded for an assignment. It was meant to be an experiment in "art wankery" (my informal name for that class), but I guess it turned into an ok song. We were meant to explore the concepts of "consonance vs dissonance". So for anyone who knows music theory, I was using consonant and dissonant intervals, either more or less, to gradually transition between larger periods of consonance and dissonance. Lyrically, I tried to follow those periods with a vague story about a relationship going through periods of harmony/disharmony. It starts out with lots of harmony, the periods of disharmony being short. However, by the end it has reversed itself, finally ending in destruction. I'm pretty sure the lecturer expected us to record ourselves rubbing 2 sticks together, dragging them across some sandpaper and then playing a piano key, while whispering "dissonance... consonance" (i.e. art wankery). He didn't seem too impressed when I made an actual piece of music to explore the concepts, the rest of the class thought it was pretty cool though."